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"Portland by way of Michigan indie rockers Spy Island's debut full-length, A Treasury of Great Science Fiction, is indeed a treasure. Recorded in various basements and bedrooms by Dale Nicholls and a cast of many, the record is a sparkling roller coaster that belies its spartan origins and stacks up well next to the work of bands that influenced them (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, Pavement, etc.). You can call them JV but they are one twisted ankle away from running with the big boys, one lucky break away from charming the socks off of Seth Cohen. You can call them micro-indie, but you can't deny that catchy, powerful tunes like the rollicking and slightly woozy "Charge This Vacation," the hard-charging "The Curse" and "Daylight Fades (As Faketown Shakes)," the jaunty "Mini Blinds," and the expansive near-epic "Acacia, Pt. 2" are the work of a band on the way up. You can't listen to the way Nicholls layers in a veritable orchestra of percussion, vintage keyboards, and voices and not think he is a dude fully in charge of his sonic destiny. Most of all, no one with a love of joyous pop and classic indie rock can listen to A Treasury of Great Science Fiction and not come away with a big smile. And a new favorite band." 4.5 stars -AllMusic.com


released November 1, 2005

Music mined from the minds of these spies: William Bryan played drums, percussion, sang and beatboxed.
George Dubber sang and possessed mad engineering skillz.
Faith Gazic played accordion and supplied vocal samples.
DN sang, played guitar, bass, keys, melodica, engineered, etc.
DS sang, played keys, guitar, and drums on Jupiter.
Jake Taylor played bass and guitar.
Aryn Trimble sang and provided Thai Home.
Brandon White played bass and played drums on W.O.W.




SPY ISLAND Los Angeles, California

Spy island is a band/shut-in collective. Caffeinated cellar dwellers. They live in Portland, OR and Los Angeles.

New album in the works.

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Track Name: Eyes
Heavenly eyes/But I can't see past the sniper in the tree/Your heavenly eyes./Yes, I know the sky is falling./So, I guess I'll stop calling. 'Cause I can't hang when you're kissing in the rain, your devilish brain.
Track Name: The Curse
Asleep on the railroad tracks/Catchin’ thrills and sneakin’ pills in the money stacks/Say goodbye to your green lawn/Say hello to your fortunate fall/I want my
endorsement, but can you afford it?

And we’ll shave the mountains/Hock liberty/We’ll drain the air and drain the sea

Swept off our feet and dropped/Payin’ fines for all the crimes of the global cops/Kiss the face on a dead tree/Send in the clowns on a tank/I’d like to see heaven, but I don’t have the rank

I can’t believe you’d leave me here, bleeding/Feeling the need to heed the warning:
Maybe we’ll get saved by global warming/Or the new and improved desert storming/But first thing’s first, this is a curse/You’ll be a better person for it

When all panopticons are gone/And the sky is the color of your battle songs
Track Name: Charge This Vacation
Say a prayer for the air/Pistol-whip like you just don’t care/Media mass, generation lapse/Choke the globe on star-spangled maps

We’re gonna charge this vacation/Before they run us out of town/We’re gonna rewrite all the punchlines/We’re gonna beat/kick this dead horse down

Secret service elevator to hell/This charm offensive is beginning to smell/Like burning contracts, and piling Big Macs/Empire built, empire fell./Declaring war on this
celebration/This Nutra-Sweet nation/This airbrushed station
Track Name: W.O.W.
I’m the wizard on welfare/My dragon’s in daycare/I got ravenous rats, food stamps, and velvet pants/I live in a castle with a mail-order damsel/She gets
turned on by car bombs and Fox News moms

Oh, these modern times/Oh, these times of science/I wish it was the way it was I wish I was back in the day

Perched behind the radiator steam/The serpents around my neck are feeding off the canceled checks/And the sirens control my sleep.

Tumble like dice, dead gods and ice/Falling like rocks and friends
Track Name: Daylight Fades (as faketown shakes)
Rushing to lust in moonlit rooms/Your tender touch, whispered promises/Soggy sidewalks, pathetic gravel streets/And sheets with nothing to eat

Daylight fades, but it’s alright/With a bag of razors, she zombie-walked into the woods/to split up the goods/ Criminal timber/Where we buried him, she couldn’t
remember/And neither could I

Daylight fades, but it’s alright/Faketown shakes every night/That’s when they caught me, walking you home in the rain
Track Name: Coyote
About once a month, and always very late at night, I hear the coyote. High-pitched, and with horrible beauty, they scream and cry and moan. Then silence.

Out there in the dark, they survive on rabbits and the occasional deer. Here in the house, we chew frozen pizza, drink vodka and the occasional beer
Track Name: Battle Clouds
Choking on the anecdote, don’t forget your coat/The rain it burns outside/Choking on the feeling that you’re stealing all my jokes

And battle clouds may surround us/Dropping bodies from the sky/As long as I can drown/In the ocean of your eyes/My heart says run, but we’re having too
much fun/Filling our eyes with knives/We’re happy disasters, content with our laughter/And our cries
And battle clouds will surround us
Track Name: Mini Blinds
Crossed the River Jordan/Only to find the cash machine is broken (it’s chokin’)/We are problem. Sold solutions./Sacred sparrows, clipped and weighted/Wake
up, you sleepy heads/All dreams have gone to bed/Wake up/Miniblinds cannot hide/I wish I was somebody new
Track Name: Acacia III
Wasted in California/Calling your bluff, but it’s never enough/Because I dreamt that you died, and I didn’t even cry/George says I’m freaking out/Perhaps I’m freaking out/All too soon came the crash/And I think it’s gonna last

Why can’t I get it together?/This phantom’s breathing his last breath/And tell the dogs to roll over/As you can see, we’re not dead yet/Too lit to hike the stairs/Too scared to hide the scars/And I watched you suffer for so long/That I give up
Track Name: Boats pt. 1
When bullets enter snow, they make little hisses/Tiny steam puffs and deep incisions/Like the push of a wave that lingers long after the beach/The battle
clouds, they lumber as we slumber/The sinking sun teeters as I blunder/Your cigarette, it glows/Making little traces in the dark/Like all the WASPs with their garden hoses/You gave me time, I gave you plastic roses
Track Name: Jupiter Missile Whistle
Don’t look now, but the bitch is back/And I’m still a pentatonic hack/With guns a blazin’/Like this promise, we will expire/‘Cause we’re all working to retire/Are
we there yet?/And the barn has burned/And my stomach churns
Track Name: Acacia II
Acacia, tell me the truth/Are your roots getting tired?/We have conspired to expire all these liars down with fire/And these years of bad luck, gone/Wasted all
of our excuses/Traded our youth for candy cane nooses/And I smell flesh breath from the next death/Without the strings you have no puppet/The stars have
scars and bandages/I got sick of the sun and the hazardous haze/Boys have high deeds and hand grenades/Yes, I know the sky is falling